New Diet Improved Logo and Website

Diet Improved Logo

Welcome to Diet Improved, my new business name and webpage. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I can’t believe in our diet crazy culture this domain name was available. It is easy to remember, way easier to spell than my last name, and accurately describes my work as a dietitian/nutritionist. My meetings with you, my awesome clients, is all about improvement. We adjust food choices to improve health, weight, mood and energy. We modify sleep habits, meal timing and exercise strategies to improve hormonal balance. Following a week-by-week nutrition education program we explore the influence our diet has on our biochemistry and work on our relationship with food.  

If you haven’t noticed my logo is a little different using a lower case “d” for the word diet and an uppercase “I” for the word improved.

It’s okay to keep this “d” small. Our goal is to nourish ourselves with healthy foods that make us feel full, satisfied, relaxed and happy. Sound food choices are central to our wellbeing but our goals go beyond diet to improve total health. True health is not a bowl of kale. It is a collection of positive thoughts, friends, family members, memories, tastes, smells, adventures, challenges, movement, rest, relaxation and laughter. That is what diet Improved is all about. The biggest compliment I hear after working with a client is that they think about their food choices differently and have a different relationship with their diet. I have suggestions for how to make kale delicious but that is a different conversation.

Improved health to all,