FAQ / More Information

Popular Health Concerns Addressed in Nutrition Programs

•    Weight Control/ Weight Loss/ Healthy Weight Gain
•    Blood Sugar/ Diabetes Management
•    Blood Pressure Reduction
•    Cholesterol/ Lipid Management
•    Arthritis/ Inflammation/ Pain Management
•    Irritable Bowel (diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, IBD)
•    Autoimmune Diseases
•    Thyroid Support Nutrition
•    Hormonal Balance Nutrition/ Headache/ Migraine/ Acne/ PCOS
•    Food Sensitivities and Allergies/ Celiac Disease/ Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
•    Healthy Aging
•    Athletic Performance
•    Oncology Support
•    Depression/ Anxiety
•    Improved Energy/ Vitality
•    Improved Family Nutrition
•    Supplement/ Nutraceutical Recommendations

Why 6 Weeks?

6 weeks is the ideal amount of time to provide 1) education 2) personalization and 3) support. Time is spent at each appointment discussing client health, personalized dietary strategies, recipes, meal plans, product recommendations and applicable nutrition research.

What Should I Expect?

The 6 Week program is a lower carbohydrate elimination diet. It typically starts with a structured eating plan that includes healthy fats, lean meats and vegetables and reintroduces new foods each week of the program to test for tolerance.

The Nutrition Starter program is a lower carbohydrate anti-allergen diet plan. 

Will I Need to Cook? Does This Plan Work For My Family?

I highly recommend clients take control of their food quality and cook as much as possible during these 6 weeks. Meal preparation and kitchen confidence is important to long-term success. Many clients successfully navigate work travel and occasional restaurant meals during our programs.

Because the foundational foods of the program are healthy fats, lean meats and vegetables many of the recipes are family friendly. You may want to add some additional starch to your meals such as potato, rice, noodles or tortillas for younger children but all recipes should provide the base for a great family meal.


Diet Improved is a self-pay practice. Payment is due at the initial appointment. All forms of payment including major credit cards are accepted. Insurance paperwork can be provided for client to self-file with their insurance company for an additional $25 fee. Because insurance reimbursement for nutrition services is not universal it is up to the client to handle all insurance paperwork. You may pay for your program with Health Savings Accounts if eligible.

Payment Plans?

I am happy to break payment into 2 or 3 installments. Due to the amount of materials given at the first appointment, the first appointment charge is $225. The remaining $250 can be divided over the 6 week program ($125 payments at week 3 and 5).

One Appointment? 

All of my appointments have a follow-up. A follow up appointment provides accountability and an opportunity to address questions and obstacles. The Nutrition Starter Program (2 appointments) is the best option for a client who may not need a more involved educational and support program.

Phone Consults? Distance Clients?

Phone appointments are an option for any of the nutrition programs. Cooking club participants will receive all materials from group Cincinnati events. 

Corporate or Group Programs?

Improve employee health and energize your corporate environment with Diet Improved Wellness Programs. Customize these fun, upbeat and informative meetings to fit your needs and budget. Group presentations, individual meetings, e-mail blasts, cooking demonstrations and more.